Publisher Links

Publisher Links

Here you will find an ongoing list of publications that accept submissions for fiction and poetry. This list is being compiled as I seek out publishers in my quest to find acceptance of my stories, it will expand, or decrease, periodically. These publishers are opened and closed for submissions at different times of the year, so check the links and read the guidelines. These are all professional paying markets that do accept unsolicited manuscripts without an agent and do not charge a submission fee. Some of the links will be listed in multiple categories if they accept cross-genre or poetry and fiction. Good luck!

Literary Magazines

The New Yorker

Horror Magazines

Black Static

Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazines

Amazing Stories
Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Asimov’s Science Fiction
Fantasy & Science Fiction

Crime, Mystery, and Suspense Fiction

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine


Poetry Magazine
The New Yorker

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