Emmanuel Paige was born in Aberdeen, Washington in 1970. He spent his formative years there without ever knowing that Kurt Cobain lived right down the street in the same neighborhood. When he turned eighteen, he moved to Alaska and lived in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley in the town of Wasilla for ten years, and that is where he met his beautiful significant other, Angela Megl. She has been a part of his life ever since, and they are happy together to this day.

Then they moved to Indiana for ten years, living in the town of Martinsville. He enrolled at Ivy Tech Community College in Bloomington and obtained an Associate of Applied Science degree in computer information systems (CIS) with a concentration in computer programming. Upon his graduation from college, he and Angela decided to move west, back to Washington state, and now they both reside in Olympia, the Capitol City. Emmanuel is currently working on completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing with a concentration in fiction from Southern New Hampshire University.

Writing is his passion and he has pursued it most of his life. He started writing at the age of fifteen, inspired by a middle school composition class teacher who told him anyone can be a writer if they so desire, and he has been hooked ever since, unable to give up this maniacal obsession to put words together and create stories. Inspired by authors he admires whom have written the great books he has read, he wants to create his own masterpieces. It all started back in 1985 when he read some Stephen King stories and was told that he could learn how to write like that (Really? You think so? No. Of course not. But it’s worth a try). He then discovered Poe and Lovecraft, and then classics by Stoker, Shelley, and Stevenson, and so many more. The rest is history.

Emmanuel has read hundreds of books, some forgotten and some etched permanently upon his brain, and he has studied literature, and he is not done learning his craft, by a long shot. He has written a lot of short stories, and poetry, and there have been several attempts at novels that were doomed to be incomplete for eternity. Writing has been a lifelong endeavor, with triumphs and failures. He has garnered numerous rejections from established publications, practiced abstinence from writing on occasion when he was considering throwing in the towel, and yet he continues to write today, despite the naysayers and critics.

Emmanuel recently unpublished a collection of short stories titled The Black Hound and Other Stories in May of 2019 and is re-releasing it with twice as many stories under the title In Wrath and Fire: 25 Dark Tales due to be released by January 1, 2020. He has another collection titled 30 Wicked Tales of Terror (Untitled) slated for publication midsummer 2020. There are at least four novels in the works after that. Additionally, he is a freelance writer for blogs and website content, too.  As a result of all of this, you can expect him to be busy writing, reading, and studying, among other things (hiking and nature walks, fishing, camping, bicycling, drawing, painting, playing guitar, navel-gazing, and playing with his black cat named Raven), for the next few years, and onward.

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