The Crazy House (Working Title) — A Novel by Emmanuel Paige

This novel has a different title, but it is top secret right now and The Crazy House is just a working title, just know that it is slated for release next year (2020) and will be available for orders by the middle of the year.

This is the story of a dysfunctional family living in the Pacific Northwest in the fictional town of Caulfield. There is a mentally disabled teen, Samuel Marsh, who has sexual intercourse with his sister, Jasper Marsh, and even cornholes his mother’s poodle. The patriarch, a grumpy old man with a violent streak, is at the helm. An uncle with dementia who takes after the old man, is riding shotgun. There is a religious grandmother who makes everyone go to church on Sundays. Eventually the quiet cousins, the uncle’s daughters, inherit the property. The story follows the lives of baby boomers, hippies in the Vietnam era, mental illness, child abuse, rebellious children, criminal behavior, and juvenile delinquent grandchildren who run away from home and strike out on their own, only to be captured and returned to the The Crazy House. This is a home for wayward teens and there is always something crazy happening within the confines of the property and home. Eventually, everybody dies and the house is sold to the highest bidder, but not before a jealous boned Samuel burns the place to the ground. The ashes scatter to the wind and so do the progeny.

The Beginning

A young, happy family in the early 1950s move to Caulfield and purchase a house. This is the beginning of something wonderful. The house would later become known as The Crazy House, after Alfred dubs it the crazy house for wayward dumb shits. This is the story of a the development of a dysfunctional family living in the Pacific Northwest in the fictional town of Caulfield. The Holdens are a classic example of a middle-class family that has typical problems to which most people will be able to relate.

The Middle Years

Alfred and Evelyn begin to run a home for wayward teens and there is always something happening at The Crazy House. The grandchildren are born and the trouble begins. Martin tries to burn the house down. The adopted children have incestuous relations together. It’s a madhouse. What will they do? There is a mentally handicapped teen, Samuel Marsh, who diddles his sister, Jasper Marsh, and after he leaves the The Crazy House and goes home he screws his mother’s poodle in the butt hole, crippling it nearly to incapacity. Alfred becomes a crotchety and grumpy old man with a violent streak. Bertram, the asshole uncle with dementia, takes after the old man, Alfred. Evelyn, a religious woman, makes everyone go to church on Sundays. Then there is the artistic and eccentric quiet cousin who inherits the property, and, last but not least, the juvenile delinquent grandchildren.

The Grand Finale

Alfred and Evelyn die and leave the house to Bertram. He begins to go crazy as he has early Alzheimer’s or dementia, and cannot take care of himself. He dies one night while chopping firewood, the result of a heart attack. They found him dead with the ax still clutched in his hand, and shortly afterward his daughters, Emilia and Destiny Holden inherit The Crazy House. They take care of it for a while, but as way leads on to way, they decide to sell everything and split the profits, not sharing any of it with anyone else. It is their inheritance, they decide, and screw everybody else. The Crazy House is to be sold to the highest bidder but not before Samuel burns it to the ground in a jealous rage. It will never be the same again. Life goes on, as they say, long after the thrill of living is gone.

Short Story Collections

Here are two books, collections of short stories, which are the first in many more to come. These two books contain tales that span two and a half decades and are the culmination of practicing the craft of writing short stories. Take them for what they are, and if you like them, let me know. If not, oh well, I tried. I’m not sorry for any of it, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

30 Wicked Tales of Terror (Untitled)

This book contains thirty wicked tales of terror, including two new novellas … release date midsummer 2020. More to be announced soon.

In Wrath and Fire: 25 Dark Tales

In Wrath and Fire: 25 Dark Tales you will find twenty-five sinister stories, including a novella, The Angel’s Ballad, that are sure to get under your skin and leave you with a delightful sense of foreboding. Within these tales, a black dog runs out in the road in a near miss hit and run and brings to light a brutal crime of passion. Three friends go on an afternoon fishing trip and find they have trespassed into a deadly situation. Mistaken identity leads to a misfortune at a convenience store. A bank robbing duo pulls a heist and think they have escaped only to find they have run directly into the realm of madness. After a deadly automobile accident, the sole survivor staggers into a seedy bar with sultry exotic dancers, a motley throng of patrons, and watered down beer. Music played on a guitar purchased at a yard sale summons an admirer who longs to be loved. During a vacation to the Pacific Coast a man learns of a terrifying history surrounding the hotel where he and his wife are staying. An author struggles against writer’s block and eventually creates his ultimate masterpiece. A crow with the ability to speak, warns of an impending disaster. An old man discovers a bee’s nest in an abandoned building and is forever changed by the strange insects residing within. An overworked employee takes out his angst on his boss and the coworkers then takes an early lunch. A pyromaniac falls head over heels for a dark, mysterious woman and meets his fate. Some college kids go out to a cemetery in the woods late one night in search of a ghostly legend. All of this and much more. These twenty-five stories will surely keep you entertained, perhaps a bit disturbed, and certainly satisfied in the end.

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