Death Rides Darkly: A Novel

Death Rides Darkly: A Novel

The party scene at The Royal, downtown Vancouver, BC is exciting and chic, as they host the annual Wicked City Halloween Fetish party. The costumes are themed in fetish, bondage, burlesque, and drag, and the event is truly a risqué mélange of sex, sin, and vice. Manson and Zoey, two Goth socialites, hook up and get acquainted with the ravishing Stephanie Dascălu, a wealthy jetsetter and the star of the show. She invites them back to her mansion, aptly named the Château de Dascălu, rumored by the locals to be haunted. They are introduced to Crandall, a handsome rogue, Stephanie’s guest and boy toy, and then they indulge in an orgy, full of pleasure and pain, and blackout afterward from drinks laced with Rohypnol. Upon awakening, they discover deep bite marks on their necks. Stephanie regretfully admits that she has done something terribly selfish. . . .

Abandoned by Stephanie for several weeks, the ménage à trois of Goths and rogue leave the mansion and ride away in a black 1975 Monte Carlo hotrod, under the cover of darkness. They are pursued by Adrian Burgendorv, a paranormal investigator, who is driving an old Chevy van. They learn from the news on TV and the radio that the police are searching for them for questioning about a series of murders downtown, possibly related to the disappearance of Stephanie Dascălu. They flee the city to evade the PI and the law, crossing the border into the United States, moving south to their destination in Hollywood, California where they plan to blend in with the freaks, fiends, and nightlife in Los Angeles. All the while, filled with an insatiable hunger, a longing, a craving for something . . . a lust for the life source that courses through the veins of all living things . . .

• • •

A vampire novel that is full of sex and violence and shows the duality of the mythical creatures, beautiful and frightening . . . they will make love to you and then eat you. It is their nature, after all. Release date is April 1, 2020, available at Amazon and other fine retailers.

ISBN 978-0-9824312-4-5 (print)
ISBN 978-0-9824312-3-8 (Kindle – mobi)
ISBN 978-0-9824312-7-6 (epub)

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